Monday, May 11, 2009

春 くす玉 ~ Kusudama Spring

The actual name of this Kusudama is 新フローラくす玉 or new floral kusudama and the author is 上田暁美/ UEDA Akemi. But at some place, people named it 春 くす玉 or Kusudama Spring..

When I began to make this Kusudama, I decided to make it pink. I don't know why... but maybe my impression of spring are mostly about pink flower everywhere. it is !!

I made this from 30 pieces of flower printed pink paper sized 5 x 5 cm. It's mentioned that this type will look better if made by double sided Chiyogami or gift-wrap papers. But since I didn't have both type of papers, I printed flower patterned on some pink papers. I found the printing materials > HERE < This type are totally assembled with glue :

Actually, the petal parts of the Spring Kusudama should look like this :

If you want to see how the whole Spring Kusudama actually looks like, you can see it HERE

My variation of the petal parts look like this :

I just made them with a little curl for each petal.. My friend said that it's cuter that way so I made them curled... ^^

Here's the diagram

さくら玉 祭 ~ Sakuradama Festival

It wasn't really a festival. It's just that some of my friends're interested in Sakuradama so I decided to make them as presents... ^^

They got all items just like the former Peach Sakuradama, such as : 2 chibi sakuras, 2 Swallowtail Butterflies, and a tassel for each Sakuradama.

The 1st one will be given to my friend, Blue Ballad a.k.a Wira Kirros. He said that he wants Red Sakuradama, so here it is :

It's really similar to the former Peach Kusudama except the colors are different.

The 2nd Kusudama is meant to give to my dear kawaii o saru ( XD), Monkichi. Since she likes yellow, so this is how her Sakuradama turned to :

This time I tried a little variation. I 'trapped' 2 chibi sakura that usually put at the top string. I made it that way, but then I found out that it's really difficult to show them through the picture because the holes between each sakura parts are too small :

Hora... We can barely see them, right? >.<
But I assure you that we can see it for real... ^^

Monday, May 4, 2009

切り出し A くす玉 ~ Kiridashi A Kusudama

Wokey... Another kusudama origami art by Tomoko Fuse. This time I made it a little smaller because I meant it to be car's hanging decoration.
I made this from 30 pieces of patterned red paper sized 6 x 3 cm and 30 pieces of gold paper sized 6 x 3 cm :

Zoomed in :

If you're interested in making it, here's the diagram