Monday, September 21, 2009

Blockfolding Project # 01 ~ Hello Kitty

Just like I promised, I'll show my 1st project of Blockfolding Origami Hello Kitty 3-D figure.

The paper size for each part is 7 x 4 cm.

This project mainly needs :

1. White : 584 pieces
2. Blue : 132 pieces
3. Pink : 14 pieces

Here're the instructions :

And now I proudly present my Hello Kitty 3-D figure :

I'm proud of it because I could bear the boring feeling because I had to do hundreds of same folding works.
Yatta yo!! (^o^)9

It took me a whole week to finish this project with a great help from my friend. I'm glad to see it's done well... ^^

カーブ くす玉 ~ Kusudama Cup

Another creation of Tomoko Fuse. This is also one of her star-based kusudama. I made this from 30 pieces 7 x 3.5 cm glossed blue art papers as the base part and 30 pieces 7 x 3.5 cm pearl white art paper as the cup parts :

Zoomed in :

And if you interested in making this type of kusudama, here's the diagram

I plan to hang this inside my car. It's just irresistibly cute!!

Blockfolding Origami

Have you heard about blockfolding origami?

It's a kind of origami which making a lot of folding parts and unite them to form a 3-D figure. When I say a lot of parts it really means A LOT!! We might have to fold hundreds of parts for 1 3-D figure... XD

The folding instruction of the part is very simple. We only need to learn 1 type of folding instruction :

And there're 2 type of uniting the parts :

So... That's the Blockfolding Origami's basic. I'll show you the result of mine later.. ^^

Monday, September 14, 2009

Arabesque Kusudama Variation

And now I'd like to show you my real Arabesque Kusudama works.

The 1st one made from 6 x 6 cm light purple papers :

The 2nd one made from combination of brown and light gold papers which sized 7 x 7 cm :

This time I attached a gold Swallowtail Butterfly as an accent :

I planned to give them to my colleagues. I hope they won't mind to receive such humble presents.. ^^

Arabesque Kusudama Variation Prototype

I made this type based on Tsugawa Mio's creation. Actually I accidentally made this into a variation because I don't like the in-between part to be showed up. The original Arabesque Kusudama type won't need glue to join the units but this variation need it :

You can find the original diagram HERE

A cute thing abut this variation is if you look inside the ball, you'll find that every flower formed a star shape.. ^^

Traditional Fragrance Kusudama

Another type which I found at Tsugawa Mio's website.
This type's kind of cute imo. And since I made it quite smaller this time ( 5 x 5 cm), they're even cuter... ^^

I made 2 of this type. The 1st one is using yellow-orange color combination. My brother named it 'High Dosage of Vitamin C" by looking at the color... XD

And the 2nd one is actually a combination of dark pink and dark pink with glitter papers. But in the end the color combination didn't show... Oh well.. Here it is :

If happens that anyone interested in making this type of kusudama, just drop by HERE

Rose Curl Kusudama Variation

When I was making the prototype of Rose Curl Kusudama, I had a thought that if I decide to make the real one I'll make it in black-red color combination. I don't know why but I just simply thought that they would be a pretty cool color combination.. XD

And VOILA!! Here they are :

I made 3 different sizes of the kusudama. The very top one sized 10 x 10 cm of each black and glossed red units. The middle one sized 8 x 8 cm of glossed red units and the very bottom one sized 6 x 6 cm of black units.

Actually making the units wasn't that difficult. But it really depends on the thickness of the paper. So what made me got into some kind of trouble while doing this was that I used 2 different thickness of the papers. It didn't matter for the middle and the very bottom one since they're made in 1 color. But the very top one was kind of difficult because they're made from 2 different thickness of the papers so they're barely entangled together. It's kind of stressed me out when making it. And when they're done I decide to pay more attention in choosing the paper material if I want to make this kind of Kusudama again..

Rose Curl Kusudama prototype

I saw this kind of Kusudama at Tsugawa Mio's website and got interested in making it. But since there's no diagram of this type at her website, I browsed around the net and so far I found this :

As you can see there are 2 type of joining the units, 3 units and 4 units. This is how they look like :

3 Units

4 Units

Sunday, September 13, 2009

ひし形パッチ くす玉 ~ Hishi Katachi Patchi Kusudama

Actually I've made this a few months ago right after I finished Spring Kusudama. This is one of Tomoko Fuse's star-based Kusudama. I've made this with my standard size of Tomoko Fuse's Kusudama ( 7 x 7cm) of lemon yellow origami paper and printed green paper as the separators of each star :

Zoomed in :

I also made a slight smaller size (6 x 3cm) of this type from 5 colors of origami papers (red, yellow, blue, green, and orange), and silver paper for the separators :

And here's the diagram