Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Look for Spring

Spring has come! That means a new look for this place hehe

I just love blog layout from Leelou Blog so I decided to use one of her layout again like the one I use for the winter..
I've already planned for my next paper art project, so I'll see you again by then... grin

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

~桜くす玉~ Kusudama Sakura (2nd Version)

This type of Sakura Kusudama is different from the one I made before. This one was created by Tomoko Fuse, and like most of her kusudama works, the units are also united through pocket system.

Zoomed in :

I made this from 7 x 7 cm light blue paper as the main ball and flowers, and 2 x 2 cm yellow paper as the inner part of each petal.

I decided not to add any butterflies this time because I think this kusudama is already 'crowded' enough with the flower anther and filaments which I attached at the center part of each flower.
The instruction to make this type of kusudama was published in Origami Tanteidan Magazine,  number 72. I got it downloaded from > HERE <

I must say that this is the most difficult kusudama I've ever made so far. Folding the units are not so difficult. But when it came to uniting them, I got the urge to slam my head toward the wall a couple of times  confuse
Usually I only need a few hour to finish one kusudama. But for this type, I spent 3 days to complete! weep
That's why I decide to refuse any request to make this kusudama as a mass project!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~ゆりくす玉~ Kusudama Lily

I hardly remember the last time I worked on kusudama project. I think it's already around 2 years ago for Lia's wedding...
Recently I had the urge to make kusudama again and I thought that I will try to make the thread type. It means that the kusudama units are connected by thread.

This is my first project for thread type of kusudama which created by Tomoko Fuse :

I made it from shocking pink and yellow 120g papers sized 7cm x 7cm. The main ball consists of 24 units of origami lily.
I also attached 2 metallic green swallowtail butterflies made from 7cm x 7cm metallic green origami papers and a mix green tassel :

When I finished making it, one of my aunt saw it ans asked me to make one for her so she can hang it in her car. I make the smaller one because I think the size of the pink one will bother her vision while driving :

I made this one from 5cm x 5 cm 120g red papers for the main ball and metallic gold origami papers for the butterflies.
Here's the comparison for the size of these 2 Lily Kusudamas :

I'm eyeing another flower kusudama by Tomoko Fuse. But I will finish my paper model projects first which are currently pending because I had to make the pink lily kusudama for a farewell present which I'll give to my former Japanese teacher. She will be leaving soon after the new year, so I have to finish it first then I'll continue to work on the paper model project.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Layout

I know it's pretty late to change the layout since winter has came for quite sometimes. But I still want to bring winter feel for this journal since I don't live in a country which experience winter every year. Well at least this journal makes me feel so..   hehe

I'll have pretty long break from office so I'm going to work on paper crafts again since I have some people I want to give a small present later. So, I'll see you again when they're done   grin

Yuichi deshita! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paper Model # 8 : Ginger Silvine

I found this model when I was browsing the internet around a month ago. This model was created by Atrus and if I'm not mistaken this model was inspired by one of Tatsunoko's anime series quite some time ago which titled 'Samurai Pizza Cats' or 'Kyatto Ninden Teyandee' 
It's pretty hard to find the pattern for this model because most of the uploaded links are dead sweat

I started to build this model a week ago and here's the result :

Actually it's quite hard for me to build this model because the assembling instructions are not detailed. So I had to figure out myself how to fold and assemble its parts sweat
So I decided to make another one to make the assembling instruction with more details later. But I think I'll make the second one with different color of papers so it'll like I have 2 different Silvine models grin

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Layout and Another Hand Made Goods

Finally I had times to change the look of this blog. I feel like I want to make this blog themed with cherry blossom since I think it's already the season for them to bloom  hehe
Then I found this layout while browsing the net and I like it a lot..

Another thing is, my friend made 2 cellphone straps for me!! love
She likes to work with beads so she made these phone straps for me :

The white and pink one is a rabbit and the blue and green one is a flower ball

Here's how they look when being attached with my cellphone

Aren't they cute?! beg
Please bear my crazyness about hand made goods....