Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Modified Kawasaki Rose Wreath # 4 : Jupiter in Spring

This is a late White Day gift for my dear best friend. It's been kind of a tradition for me to give her something I made for White Day on March 14 since our uni era ^^
I failed to give her something last year because I didn't have any idea what to make for her. But this year, I gave her this :

Jupiter in Spring

The Butterflies

The Ribbon

My friend thought that the title's pretty lame but she knows the reason behind that title well XD

So that's all for my 4 season modified Kawasaki rose projects. I'm so glad that I could completely finished them all. I'll see you again in my next project (^o^)/

Modified Kawasaki Rose Wreath # 3 : Fall's Sunset

This one was given to my other cousin for her birthday. But I couldn't send this in time because of my brother laziness (-____- #)

Fall's Sunset

The Butterflies

The Ribbon

Let's continue to the last one.

Modified Kawasaki Rose Wreath # 2 : Frozen Blue

I gave this to my cousin for her birthday on March 12. Honestly I wanted to keep this at first because the color is my favorite XD

Frozen Blue

The Butterflies

The Ribbon

Modified Kawasaki Rose Wreath # 1 : Summer's Valentine

Actually this project has been done months ago. It's just that my lazy brother kept on pending to take the picture of them (-___- #)

I got the idea for this project was because I want to make something for Valentine. Actually I wanted to make the advanced type of the rose but I failed to make it for days! o(_ _)o
Then I decide to make the intermediate rose model which I've already 'mastered'. Here's the 1st one :

The Butterflies

The Ribbon

It's currently hanging in front my room's door :

I made everything for this project from papers. Even the base of the wreath and the ribbon made from paper.

The instruction for making the rose can be found >> HERE <<

At first I only thought to make this. But after it finished, I got the feeling that I wanted to make this kind of project in 4 season theme (yes, I know I'm insane! XD )
I'll show the rest of them in the next posts.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Paper Model # 1 : The Powerpuff Girls

I was browsing through the internet and I found something really interesting. Some people call it paper models and other peoples call it paper craft model. It's something made from paper and being built up as 3D models. The works consist of printing the patterns, cutting, folding, and sticking every part of the model with glue.

I wanted to try in making The Powerpuff Girls because I like them a lot. Even at this age I still love to watch their series XD
Other than that, they're classified as paper models for beginer. So I thought it wouldn't be that hard to make. When I was making them, I got the urge to whack the one who gave the information because they're really hard to make as a beginer! Why? Because the patterns mostly consist of curving lines. They're not just hard to cut, they're also difficult to be built with glue (-____- #)
I've really been through some pretty hard times to build them o(_ _)o

But I finally finished them in 5 days. Here they are :

The Commander and The Leader

The Joy and the Laughter

The Toughest Fighter

And together they are :
The Powerpuff Girls



I arranged them inside a plastic box and put a printed Townsville background on their back :

I got the patterns from HERE


Monday, May 10, 2010

My Paper Art Station

Finally I officially have a place to work on paper arts. I've been longing to have it for so long since I practically don't have a desk in my room other than my computer desk which is.... well... we can hardly see the top side of it because it's mostly covered with various stuffs XD

I searched around my town to find a desk I want but I couldn't find it. SO I decided to order it at a carpenter shop near my office and it turned out to be a wonderful desk. I love it!

The full view of the desk

The dimension of the desk is l:70 w:70 h:30 centimeters. And if anyone's wondering about the brush under the desk, it's for my cat's fur XD

Zoomed in the top side of the desk
That green one is a cutting mat with A3 size. There's a 30centimeters metal ruler on the mat. Actually I have the longer one but it's borrowed by my brother at the moment I took this picture. Those boxes contain some stuffs :

My OLFA Treasure Chest
My Poster Paint Collection

My Paper Glue Collection with another poster paints

My Miscellaneous Goodies

Kyaaaaaaaa I LOVE IT !!!