Monday, September 14, 2009

Rose Curl Kusudama Variation

When I was making the prototype of Rose Curl Kusudama, I had a thought that if I decide to make the real one I'll make it in black-red color combination. I don't know why but I just simply thought that they would be a pretty cool color combination.. XD

And VOILA!! Here they are :

I made 3 different sizes of the kusudama. The very top one sized 10 x 10 cm of each black and glossed red units. The middle one sized 8 x 8 cm of glossed red units and the very bottom one sized 6 x 6 cm of black units.

Actually making the units wasn't that difficult. But it really depends on the thickness of the paper. So what made me got into some kind of trouble while doing this was that I used 2 different thickness of the papers. It didn't matter for the middle and the very bottom one since they're made in 1 color. But the very top one was kind of difficult because they're made from 2 different thickness of the papers so they're barely entangled together. It's kind of stressed me out when making it. And when they're done I decide to pay more attention in choosing the paper material if I want to make this kind of Kusudama again..

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