Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's been a while.... It's been A LONG TIME since the last time I posted my work. Well, a lot of things happened but I still be able to manage some times to make kusudamas. I think I'm going to do some massive posts later, but now I'd like to share something that I really love since the 1st time it was given to me.

A couple of months a go, my best friend's future husband and mother-in-law came and since their plane would transit in my city, they wanted to spend a few days here.My best friend and I planned to escort them around at first but then that plan was changed because an unexpected thing happened.
What made me feel touched was even though they were only met me once, they're so friendly to me. And Yukiko san (my friend's future mother-in law) gave me one of her hand made wood painting stuff. Here it is :

Very pretty, isn't it? I really love it!! I usually like any kind of hand made stuffs. This one is one of my most favorite hand made stuff!
If you curious what actually that stuff is, just take a look at this :

Zoomed in :

That's right! It's a wooden brooch. It really looks pretty on my jacket's collar. It's just so irresistibly pretty!!
Yukiko san, hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita!!! m(_ _)m

Okay enough for my own fangirling over hand made stuffs. I'll post this kind of random thing once in a while, so please bear with them.. XD

Let's just continue our trip in my origami world \(^o^)/

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