Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shikishi Board Flower Origami - Spring Sakura

Recently I'm addicted to make flower origami. I found an e-book about flower origami which are arranged on a shikishi board then I got interested in making them.

Shikishi board is made from fine handmade art papers laminated to hard board backing. they are edged with a strip of gold paper on the border and back.
Unfortunately shikishi boards can hardly be found at my area so I made them myself from duplex cardboard paper. In that case I'll be able to make any kind of shikishi board flower origami that I want.. v(^o^)v

Here are my first origami work for this kind. I meant to make them for spring so I chose 2 kind of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flower origami.

The 1st one is regular sakura branches :

Zoomed in

2 colored of Sakura flowers and 2 types of Sakura bud

Falling Sakura petals


I've decided to attach my favorite Swallowtail Butterfly every time I made flower-like origami, so I attached 3 butterflies on this.. ^^

And the 2nd one is Fuji Sakura branch :

Zoomed in

2 colored Fuji Sakura flowers and 3 types of Fuji Sakura bud

Washi Hina Dolls

I attached 2 Hina Washi Ningyo I got from Yukiko mama. I thought they are fit pretty well for this season and I think they look nice to be put under the Fuji Sakura branch.
Yukiko mama, Hina ningyou arigatou! Watashi tachi wa koko de korabo shita yo ne ... (^o^)/

I'd like to show you the example of how the parts look like :

Shikishi Board


Complete Parts

Here are the instruction to make them just in case anyone interested :

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