Monday, March 22, 2010

Kurumi-e work # 01 - Childhood Friend

Since I love to work with papers, it's no surprise that I fall in love with Kurumi-e work. I found out about it months a go when I was browsing the internet and suddenly I had the urge to make some by myself XD
I bought 2 sets of Kurumi-e at first. Each set was already including :

1. The pattern
2. 1 small sheet of thick paper
3. 1 small sheet of thick paper with sponge
4. Some small pieces of various type of paper (washi paper etc)
5. Ready-made face part
6. 1 Shikishi board

The works are basically cutting the art papers then wrapped them onto each hard papers which are already been cut according to the main pattern, then they're being arranged on the Shikishi board by some glues.

Here's the result of my 1st Kurumi-e :

Childhood Friends


I decided to make the frame for it (of course) from paper. So I made a box with a see-through lid shaped of a frame :

The Base

The Lid

Here's my Kurumi-e inside its box frame :

Actually we can re-produce similar ones if we keep the pattern like I do (I made a copy of it at the beginning of the work). We also might be able to make them with different patterned papers. But we're going to need that ready-made face part and I'm very sure that I won't be able to find them around my area -____-;;
If only I found a way to get that face part, it'll be possible for me to make another one of this...

I still have one set of Kurumi-e kit to be made. But I want to make something I've been obsessed first.. XD
I'll show it when it's done ^^

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