Friday, April 16, 2010

3D Origami Doll # 01 : Shoko

YATTA !! \(^o^)/

I finally finished this doll!
This is what I said to be my 'obsession' XD

Actually it's not so hard to make this type of 3D Origami Doll. The folding works are pretty easy. It's just that it's hard for me to find some materials for this doll (my usual basic problem -_____-;;)
The most difficult to find in my area was the head part. It's a ball-shaped stereofoam. It took me quite some times to start this project because I wanted to make sure that I've already had most of the materials I need.

The theme for this doll was actually a country-style doll. Here's the original work :

I couldn't find some of materials everywhere here. I couldn't fine the wool for the hair and that ready made hat. But I still want to make one myself, so I made some variations for my doll.

VOILA !! Here's my version of this type of 3D Origami Doll :


From this view, we can see the petticoat on top of its shoes :

Upper body zoomed in

Side view

Rear view

I made the hair from black crepe paper and I changed the hat to be a bandana with 2 ribbons. And because of I was lack of that flower paper patterned, I changed the 2nd layer of the sleeves from the top with magenta tissue paper. Teehee.... ^^

My friend said it's not like a country girl anymore because of the style... XD

Here's the instruction to make it :

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