Saturday, September 18, 2010

3D Origami Doll # 02 : Balloon Pierrot

Finally I could make this doll because my 'partner in crime' was accidentally found small ball-shaped stereo foams in a store and bought them for me  grin

So I stated to make a 3D origami clown doll which supposed to look like this :

But when I was making it, I decided to make some modification because I felt like I want it to have legs with clown shoes. So this is how my doll turned out to be :

Balloon Pierrot
Front View

Side View

Rear View

I'd like to show you the modification for its legs and shoes, so I zoomed in those parts :

We can see it fully modificated when it's laying down :

All of the costume parts which built this doll were made like Bell Flower Origami with different size of papers :
  1. Hat           : 1 piece of 12 cm square paper
  2. Collar       : 8 pieces of 6 cm square papers
  3. Sleeves    : 2 pieces of 11 cm square papers
  4. Body        : 1 piece of 18 cm square paper
  5. Pants       : 2 pieces of 7 cm square papers
  6. Head        : 3 cm in diameter of a ball shaped stereo foam
  7. Small yellow pompoms for the hat, hands, buttons, and the shoes 
  8. Small beads for eyes and nose
Here's the INSTRUCTION of how to make this doll.

I'm thinking to make another one as a birthday present for my cousin on her upcoming birthday. But I need to find the paper for the costume first   sweat

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