Sunday, January 2, 2011

雛人形 ~ Hina Dolls

 FIrst of all, I'd like to say Happy New Year to everyone. May this year also bring good things for our lives   grin

I always adore Hina Dolls which usually display on The Girl's Festival (March 3rd) in Japan. I've planned to make them quite a long time ago, but there're some circumstances which made me delayed the making, like waiting for the washi papers to arrive because I asked my friend who's currently studying in Japan to buy them for me, and I couldn't decide which type of dolls I'll make between these 2 types : confuse

Finally I decided to make the robes like the first picture and because I want my dolls are in sitting position, so I used the 2nd picture's body part and the hairstyles as the reference. And I also reduce the size of the dolls because I think the size from that book are too big (the heights are approximately 21 cm for the sitting dolls)sweat
So I made my dolls around 13 cm in heights. Here they are : 

The Emperor (御内裏様)

The Empress (御雛様)

Here are the original instructions for those 2 types of Hina Dolls :  
Standing Hina Dolls Sitting Hina Dolls

I'll make the arrangement for their 1st level of Hina Dan later...
So this is my 1st paper art project for the year 2011.
Yuichi deshita !

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